Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ALP Still on Defensive Over Corruption

Another day, another ALP politician is on the front page of the newspaper defending himself against corruption charges. Unsurprisingly, ZDK is trying desperately to spin this as some sort of twisted conspiracy theory. Where have we heard that before?

From a purely political perspective, this Asot Michael development is more bad news for the ALP and should give them more reason for worry. There's already a public perception out there that the ALP is corrupt and, this new revelation is only going to feed that perception. No amount of political spin and defense on behalf of ZDK is going to change that perception.

The Big Red House is hunkered down and on the defensive. Praying for bribes. Personal attacks. Internal disputes. And, new evidence of corruption. It's been a bad few weeks for the Antigua Labour Party. If they hope to make up their margins from 2004 in the forthcoming election, they've got to turn their ship around.

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