Monday, February 16, 2009

ALP Press Release Criticises Wrong UPP Minister


Today's Observer has a full page press release from the ALP attacking the UPP for the problems at Sir Viv Richards Stadium. The release criticises the Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer, and the Minister responsible for the stadium.... JOHN MAGINLEY!

Last time I checked, John Maginley was the MINISTER OF HEALTH, not the Minister of Sports. WOOPS! Third release in a row with a major error from the ALP. Well done, ALP.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is Lester Smoking?

Lester is off his rocker. Did you see what he said in the Observer? He said that if the ALP wins power, he wants to merge APUA, Digicel and Cable & Wireless into a joint company. Is he crazy?

Sane Governments tend to encourage market competition. When companies have to compete for your business, they innovate more, they give you lower prices and they provide you with better service. When companies know that you have to go to them to get serviced, they tend to provide worse service at higher prices, because they know you have no where else to go.

That's why most Governments are in the business of breaking up monopolies and encouraging competition. Not Lester Bird. He wants to create a huge telecommunications monopoly. That's just crazy.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Violence and Crime Helps ALP

We are hearing several reports that the ALP is intimidating voters and is planning further violence in the lead up to the election. You know why. Their entire campaign is based on the slogan Safer with Labour.

Therefore, if there is an increase in violence and crime around the election, it helps the ALP. The more violence and crime, the better the ALP's chances are of winning. You know what must be tempting the ALP to do now.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Definition of Pander

True Antiguans and Barbudans should be very concerned about the ALP's amnesty proposal. We all agree that immigrants should be treated fairly and justly. But, that does not mean we should grant citizenship to every crook and every criminal currently living in Antigua and Barbuda. The proposal by the Antigua Labour Party does just that.

We understand that the Antigua Labour Party is desperate to win votes from non-nationals. But, if there goal is to create a safer Antigua & Barbuda, granting amnesty to criminals is a step in the wrong direction.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who Started It Does Matter

I slightly disagree with today's Observer. Their editorial said that we shouldn't be pointing fingers at who started the violence in Liberta this weekend. While I agree that finger pointing isn't helpful, I do think it's important to know the truth about what happened. The people of Antigua & Barbuda want to know who is responsible for perpetrating the violence.

Contrary to the single eyewitness quoted in today's Antigua Sun, our sources tell us that an ALP supporter cast the first stone. We hear that there were 'reserves' of bottles stored by ALP supporters close to the action. This is a clear sign that ALP people were planning the attack all along. By relying on one source, our journalists are doing the people of Antigua & Barbuda a disservice. Good investigative reporting, like Tim Hector used to do, requires interviewing multiple sources and piecing together the truth from a variety of different sources.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Release the Full Polling Results

Gaston Browne told the Observer that the ALP hired American polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates to poll Antigua & Barbuda. He declared that the ALP was going to win. If the data is so clear, why won't Gaston release the polling results for all to see and examine?

Political parties around the world regularly release specific results that are seen as favourable. But, Gaston only gave results from his Constituency. You know they polled more than that. So, let's see the full results, Gaston! What do you have to hide?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is Asot Self Obsessed?

Asot Michael could be talking about the issues. He could be talking about how to improve the lives of the people of Antigua & Barbuda. He could be talking about the economy and the recent troubling layoffs. He could be talking about crime. He could be talking about Mt. Saint John and health care. But, he's not talking about that. For Asot Michael, it's all about Asot Michael.

Yesterday, he held up business in Parliament to talk about a court case involving, you guessed it, Asot Michael. And, in today's Antigua Sun, he writes a long letter to the editor not about the issues, but, about Asot Michael.

Do we need politicians who are more concerned with themselves and their issues? We need real leaders who talk about us and our problems.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Asot Chooses a Cover Up Over the Truth

The people of Antigua & Barbuda deserve better than this.

Instead of trying to hide the truth from the people of Antigua & Barbuda, Asot Michael would be much better served if he explained to the people his side of the story. He should come clean and tell us why what he did was in the best interest of the people. It would also be in his political best interests. If he comes clean now, and tells us what these documents are all about, we'll stop asking questions and move on. By trying to bury these documents, it just looks like Asot has something to hide.

He was our Government servant who was working for us when this deal went through. Asot has been a public servant for a long time. And, the public doesn't deserve a coverup. The public deserves to hear Asot Michael's side of the story.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Asot Owes Us an Explanation

The document that appeared in today's Observer is stunning. It is an agreement dated 17 December 1996 between the notorious Bruce Rappaport and Belwood Services, a company owned and operated by the ALP's Asot Michael.

It says as follows that the Government of Antigua & Barbuda will provide $403,334 a month over 20 years for debt repayment to to the company to whom the debt is owed, but, to Mr. Bruce Rappaport. Mr. Rappaport, according to the agreement, is authorised to represent the Government in negotiations with IHI Japan to try to obtain the best deal possible. Instead of doing the ethical thing and passing along any savings to the people of Antigua & Barbuda, the agreement stipulates that Asot Michael would recieve $1.2 million from Mr. Rappaport if he was able to secure a better deal from IHI Japan.

Mr. Michael could've passed along those savings to the people of Antigua & Barbuda. Instead, according to this agreement, he pocketed YOUR money. This is scandalous and wrong and Asot owes all of us an explanation. We deserve better than allegations of political trickery from Asot. We need to know why he engaged in this deal to defraud the people of Antigua & Barbuda of $1.2 million for his own personal gain.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Character Counts Too

Peter Wickham is right when he told today's Observer that issues count. I agree, but, I humbly submit that voters should also consider character and results when making their choice.

I'm not endorsing any party or candidate. But, I don't think that crooks deserve to be elected. That's why character counts. Past performance counts as well. All Antiguans and Barbudans should do their research. Go back and see what each party promised before the last few elections. And, see how many of their promises they delivered on. Issues matter. But, results and character matter too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Put Up, Chet

Here's a challenge for Chet Green. If you think Peter Wickham's expert analysis is incorrect, show us the numbers. The ALP must have their own internal polling. Let's see the numbers and the analysis, in full. And, make sure to make the pollster is reputable and available for questions from the media.

Denying Wickham's analysis with evidence from the 1970s is patently foolish and Chet knows it. So is the claim the fact that Wickham's 80% success rate in election predictions somehow means he's likely to be wrong.

Chet, we're calling your bluff. If you want to be seen as a credible political commentator, show us the polls and the facts.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who's the Leader?

You heard it first on this blog. The ALP is in crisis over the leadership of their party. Lester Bird himself has acknowledged the crisis through his bizarre statement that he will step down as leader if the ALP fails at the polls. Lester is a shrewd man. He said this for a reason. He said this to keep the wolves at bay.

I will make another prediction. Even if the ALP wins Government, don't expect Lester to last as Prime Minister for very long. With the prize of the Prime Ministership at stake, expect Gaston's gang to sharpen their knives even further and bring down the septagenerian Bird. But, it will not be easy for Gaston as there are still many party who will stand with Bird against a challenge from Browne.

If the ALP somehow manages to win Government, expect chaos to ensue as Asot, Cutie, Gaston, Lester and the rest all scramble for power.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Proving Us Right

I just can't stop laughing. Days after Lester attacked Da Garat for reporting the truth, he goes on Observer Radio and says that he will step down if the ALP loses. Lester is a shrewd man. He made this statement because, as we reported, the long knives are out for him. ALP people want him out. And, he made the announcement that he's stepping down if the ALP loses to send them a clear message. That messages is, stop fighting with each other and try to win the election.

The fact that Lester thought it was necessary to go on the radio and say this is more proof that my sources are right. If everything was happy in the Big Red House, Lester wouldn't go on the radio and tell everyone he might retire.