Friday, December 5, 2008

Election Thievery?

According to local and international election observers, the 1999 elections were a complete sham. They were corrupt to the core. Those elections did not measure the true will of the people. Fortunately, the outcry inside and outside the islands resulted in major reforms that made the 2004 election free and fair.

The question now before is whether the looming 2009 elections will be like 1999 or 2004? Today's Observer hints at a possible answer to that question. The UPP Chairman is expressing "little confidence" in the voter lists and the evidence presented in The Observer certainly looks like some hanky panky was going on. The ALP claims that their political machine is responsible for legitimate voter registrations, but, the ALP machine also has a long history of electoral fraud and corruption. Should we really trust them this time? Or, is it likely that they're up to the same old tricks.

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