Monday, December 15, 2008

Does Gaston Want to Take Down Lester?

Gaston Browne has high ambitions. This blog has learned that he is plotting to oust Lester Bird and take over the political leadership of the Antigua Labour Party.

On the listserv, "Taking Sides," Gaston dispatched one of his deputies writing under the pseudonym "Claude Ford" to impugn the credibility of this blog. Earlier this year, "Mr. Ford" called Gaston the "Future Prime Minister" and made similar comments in his most recent post. "Mr. Ford's" can't be trusted. He is in Gaston's back pocket.

What's most telling, however, is that neither Gaston nor his deputy denied our reporting. They didn't deny it because they know it's true. They know that Gaston made a major misstep when he made those personal insults and it both further damaged the ALP's election hopes and it damaged Gaston's personal campaign to be the next leader of the Antigua Labour Party.

Our sources are loyal to Lester B. Bird and they are hoping that Gaston's misstep earlier in the campaign will weaken Gaston prior to his anticipated leadership challenge. We've also learned that tension between the Bird and the Browne camps is part of what's causing the chaotic and disorganised nature of the ALP's campaign. We reported on that disorganisation last week.

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