Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who's the Leader?

You heard it first on this blog. The ALP is in crisis over the leadership of their party. Lester Bird himself has acknowledged the crisis through his bizarre statement that he will step down as leader if the ALP fails at the polls. Lester is a shrewd man. He said this for a reason. He said this to keep the wolves at bay.

I will make another prediction. Even if the ALP wins Government, don't expect Lester to last as Prime Minister for very long. With the prize of the Prime Ministership at stake, expect Gaston's gang to sharpen their knives even further and bring down the septagenerian Bird. But, it will not be easy for Gaston as there are still many party who will stand with Bird against a challenge from Browne.

If the ALP somehow manages to win Government, expect chaos to ensue as Asot, Cutie, Gaston, Lester and the rest all scramble for power.

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