Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who Started It Does Matter

I slightly disagree with today's Observer. Their editorial said that we shouldn't be pointing fingers at who started the violence in Liberta this weekend. While I agree that finger pointing isn't helpful, I do think it's important to know the truth about what happened. The people of Antigua & Barbuda want to know who is responsible for perpetrating the violence.

Contrary to the single eyewitness quoted in today's Antigua Sun, our sources tell us that an ALP supporter cast the first stone. We hear that there were 'reserves' of bottles stored by ALP supporters close to the action. This is a clear sign that ALP people were planning the attack all along. By relying on one source, our journalists are doing the people of Antigua & Barbuda a disservice. Good investigative reporting, like Tim Hector used to do, requires interviewing multiple sources and piecing together the truth from a variety of different sources.

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