Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clock Ticking on Gaston Browne

You heard it here first. On Monday, we reported that Gaston Browne was feeling heat from within the ALP. Since then, in a clear sign that our source was correct, Gaston publicly apologised for his comments and sought to save his political skin. But, now, the pressure on Gaston Browne refuses to go away.

It's clear that Gaston Browne is a liability to the ALP. The man is being called "deplorable, detestable, degrading and demeaning" from a very prominent pastor. Everyday, Gaston's position within the ALP becomes more and more threatened. If the ALP really has changed, they'll kick him to the curb. But, if this is the same old corrupt ALP, they'll hold onto him. The actions of the ALP over the next few days will say a lot about what kind of party it is.

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