Monday, November 24, 2008

EXCLUSIVE! ALP Leader: Gaston Must Go

In response to Gaston Browne's angry and untrue rant at the Big Red House Rally, at least one ALP leader is calling for his resignation.

That leader, who chooses to remain nameless for now, said that Gaston's comments were harmful to the children in the audience and unfairly portrayed the ALP as a deeply angry and hateful party.

He said that Gaston Browne needed to be replaced immediately with an ALP candidate in City West that we can all be proud of and who will conduct themselves in a manner that will represent the ALP well.

Numerous other ALP sources expressed their frustration with Gaston and his comments. One said that this was all about Gaston trying to advance himself at the expense of the party. Another expressed disappointment with Gaston and while not calling for him to go, admitted that Gaston does more harm than good to the ALP.

While there is certainly anger and disappointment with Gaston Browne, all of the sources agreed that Gaston isn't likely to go anywhere. They said that Gaston has been loyal and that he has the support of Lester, Asot and Cutie, who tend to have the final say in these matters even if the people disagree.

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