Friday, November 14, 2008


This Boggy Peak/Mount Obama thing is getting ridiculous. Who cares what that pile of dirt is called? If we can rename it and people can make money off of it, why not do it? Lester Bird says it's part of our "national patrimony" whatever that means. They say we haven't had a debate on it. I say all the blabbering on the radio is debate enough. Then they say that Baldwin Spencer did it on his own. News flash, Antigua: it hasn't been renamed yet and we're having a debate! I for one, could care less what the dirt pile is called. If people want to take pictures of the dirt pile and give Antiguans money for it, great! That's more money than we would otherwise make from Boggy Peak.

All of this Mount Obama/Boggy Peak hot air is distracting us from the real issues that face Antiguans and Barbudans. We need to be talking about the issues and how they impact our lives. We need to be comparing the performance of the ALP to the UPP and decide which of them is best equipped to lead Antigua and Barbuda for the next five years or so. Let's get back to the issues!

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