Thursday, November 20, 2008


How many people will jump aboard the UPP Train and come to the Big Blue Wave tonight? That's the question of the day. Those in the know in the ALP are saying that if 5,000 or more energised UPP supporters show up - it means that their hopes of a depressed UPP electorate are likely just an illusion and they're in trouble. The UPP is saying that they expect a thousand or two supporters to show.

Not to be outdone, the ALP is throwing their own party to open their campaign headquarters, they call "the big red house," this Saturday. The hype around that event seems to be more subdued and some top ALP people are already grumbling that the UPP is already beating them at the promotions game. Will it translate into a disappointing comparison for the ALP? Will the UPP';s Big Blue Wave live up to the hype? Only time will tell.

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