Monday, November 17, 2008

How Has the ALP Changed?

In 2004, the UPP won election on the same idea that won Barack Obama the White House - change. Now, the ALP is the party on the outs and, in order to win the soon to be announced election, it is there job to convince us that they represent the change we need. The challenge for the ALP is to, as the Antigua Sun put it, "convince the electorate that it has fully parted with all that that accounted for its demise after 28 years in office."

Ask yourself, does Lester Bird represent change? Isn't this the same old ALP that we rejected five years ago? Antigua & Barbuda needs a lively opposition that has a chance to win. Unfortunately, the leaders of the ALP are the same cast of characters we rejected in 2004. The UPP isn't perfect, but, the ALP needs to show the people a different side and bring new leaders into the fold. Otherwise, they don't deserve to be in Government.

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