Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gaston Insults Again

Even with members of his own party and the clergy ratcheting up the pressure on him, Gaston Browne just won't stop. This time, he insulted not only the Prime Minister, but, also the clergy. He implied that they are going to go to hell for criticising his out-of-line remarks. If the ALP hopes to win back Government, they are going to need to build bridges and present a positive vision for Antigua's future.

Unfortunately for the ALP, Gaston Browne disagrees.

In today's Observer, Browne once again personally insulted the Prime Minister, and, this time, personally insulted the clergy as well, saying, "a debauched, degenerated, perverted, menial, sick, tyrannical false demon under any guise, prime minister or otherwise, together with sycophantic, false, hypocritical so-called clerical supporters of the UPP must realise that they are totally powerless to hurt me. Their time would be better spent in repentence for their own salvation rather than in covenly gaggles that continuously plot to harm me."

You read that right. Gaston Browne said that members of the clergy are going to hell because they rightfully criticised his remarks. And, he once again made personally insulting statements about the Prime Minister.

Antiguans and Barbudans deserve better than this, and senior ALP officials know it. I'm being told by my sources that the calls for Gaston's resignation are growing louder and louder within the ALP.

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