Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Election is Coming

Election fever is here. Today's Antigua Sun has no less than three articles that suggest that an election is just around the corner. Sources close to Da Garat confirm that an election call is imminent. In fact, a very well placed source has told us that the election could happen before Christmas.

The ALP operation is gearing up and they're ready for a fight. We're hearing reports that they're already active in marginal constituencies moving people around, twisting arms, making promises and passing out goodies. According to Gaston Browne, loyalty pledges have already been signed - and, you can bet that if ALP candidates and supporters cross the leader, punishments WILL be doled out. The bottom line is that the same old ALP runs the party with an iron fist and they are going to run an even more ferocious campaign than what they ran in 2004.

The UPP is also mobilising for action. The Big Blue Wave rally is scheduled for Thursday, November 20th at 7:30 pm at Thwaites Corner. It'll be quite interesting to see how energised their supporters are. If there's a good crowd of blue clad UPP faithful riled up and ready for action, the ALP is in trouble. If there's a paltry turnout, look for the ALP to see an opportunity and step up the old tactics of intimidation and giveaways.

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